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All of our tours are guided by experienced professional fishermen with great knowledge of a wide variety of fishing methods, including lesser known methods used by local fishermen in the Amalfi Coast. Our fishermens' knowledge teamed with our state of the art equipment and the natural beauty and sealife of the Amalfi Coast make for  a truly unforgetable experience.

Here are some techniques that you will have the oppurtunity to explore: 

  • Trolling (using either lures or live bait))

  • Long line (bottom)

  • Deep bottom fishing (using electric reels reaching up to 500m depth)

  • Vertical jigging 

  • Drifting for Tuna (bluefin tuna must be released as it is a protected species in Italy)

  • Trap Fishing (for octopus, eels)

  • Fishing with nets

  • Squid fishing

Our tours are suitable for professionals and beginners alike. 

Fishing Methods

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